VEINHART is an electronic music project from Barcelona created in 2013.


The origin of the name "Veinhart" is a variation name of the scientist H. W. Weinhart, from the Electric Western society, that discovered with J. B. Johnson, the first version of hot cathode ray tube in 1922.

VEINHART is a project by artist Marc Merinee, previously known for other projects such as Eldar (Industrial Neopop), Asbaar (Dark Ambient) or Matatus (Ritual Electronic Noise) very different styles since 2004. In 2014 participates in the "Cold Beats Compilation" and now presents his new album "Ondes Et Mouvements". 


2013: In June of 2013 Veinhart began composing his first works, in August of the same year will be self-published in Veinhart Productions his first promo single "THERMAL FISSION" with the top 30 free downloads, sold out in two weeks. In November 2013 signed with the label Werkstatt Recordings and edit the Album debut "L'EFFET DES MACHINES" in Cdr digipak and Digital Download.

2014: In 2014 participates in the "Cold Beats Compilation" and the label ScentAir Records presents the VEINHART album "Ondes Et Mouvements " loaded with analog and digital sounds whit a bath of styles running from the Synth Wave to the Future pop. Lyrics full of feelings, mysticism and romance mix with hypnotic rhythms. A timeless work to listen at any time, and let us fall between songs, to change our mental state to enter the world of Veinhart.